WATCH: Jim Courier broke down the family drama that contributed to Tsitsipas' ATP Finals defeat last month.


Stefanos Tsitsipas shocked fans Thursday morning, first by retweeting an anti-feminist message and later by doubling down on the sentiment with a tweet of his own.

“Modern feminism has swerved from gender equality into a cult of outrage that seeks to disparage men,” tweeted Tsitsipas, who is currently getting buried in the replies and QTs. “How is that fair?”

The world No. 4, who is frequently accused of plagiarism on the platform, typically shares a mix of New Age observations and meme humor—almost always without attribution.

But where these more earnest attempts at online validation are, at worst, lightly cringed at, this latest pseudo-intellectual swing/incel talking point has drawn near-universal condemnation from the tennis community, a community home to feminist icons like Billie Jean King.

The Twitter exchange in question.

The Twitter exchange in question.

“Just wondered what you’re basing this assessment on?” asks journalist Catherine Whitaker, co-host of The Tennis Podcast. “How you’ve educated yourself on the female experience of life/the world? What your understanding of the patriarchy is? Happy to discuss anytime.”

The tweet from Tsitsipas could be seen as part of a worrying trend of ATP players openly embracing misogynist viewpoints. Just last month, Nick Kyrgios expressed admiration for the Tate Brothers on Instagram; Andrew Tate has been repeatedly banned from various social media platforms for, among other things, tweeting that women “bare [sic] some responsibility” for being raped.

Tsitsipas ended his 2022 season at the Nitto ATP Finals, where family drama overshadowed a round-round defeat to Andrey Rublev. After leading the Russian by a set with a spot in the semifinals on the line, Tsitsipas, who often receives code violations for sideline coaching, unraveled in spectacular fashion—ultimately striking a ball in the direction of his parents as they argued in the stands.

“It seems like they need a therapy session,” remarked Tennis Channel analyst and former world No. 1 Jim Courier.

Ironically enough, a quick Google search shows that even this latest tweet from the former French Open finalist appears to have been, in part, lifted—from a Palomar College opinion piece published in 2017.

As they say on Twitter, probably should have stayed in the drafts.