Quarantine skills challenges have been a long-running feature during the break in tour action, but this week, Kristie Ahn took things to the next level. She turned the frame of her racquet into a kick drum and synced it to MGMT's "Electric Feel":

Even in the simplest circumstances, bouncing the ball on the side of the racquet isn't easy to pull off. Matching it with the music, however, would seem like an impossible task, and Ahn's celebration at the end shows how shocked and thrilled even she was to succeed at it.

Other players, such as Mackie McDonald and Kaja Juvan, are getting in on ball-bouncing challenges as well, though Reilly Opelka evidently isn't impressed.


Ahn, in her latest TikTok creation, parodies the perils of finding a practice partner in a sport with no teammates:

With tour-level tennis suspended until July 13, surely more TikToks from Ahn will be on the way.

Ahn pulls off 
musical TikTok 
trick shot to MGMT

Ahn pulls off musical TikTok trick shot to MGMT