Alize Lim Podcast

You can have all the talent in the world, and the inner drive needed to succeed, but in the tennis world that's sadly not always enough. Finding the right environment to hone your skills is challenge that still exists, but the best and brightest minds in the sport are working to create breeding grounds for dedicated hopefuls. And one woman in particular is working to bridge the gap between these breeding grounds and the young players with a racket and a dream.


Alizé Lim's appearance as a guest on the Podcast with Kamau Murray personifies her passion for the sport, as well as her belief to pay it forward for the next generation of tennis players. After all, she lived her dream and made it to the pros. But it was a lot harder to find places to hone her skills and take her game to the next level. That's changed dramatically with the introduction of so many outstanding academies, and it has prepared the next generation mightily. "I love the fact that you can be 15 years old and having all these tools and keys that are given to you," Lim professed. "I've been building this my whole life by myself in my own head!"

Lim's credibility as a tennis player coupled with her personable style & approach working in front of the camera has made her a natural fit to host this specific show. It's taken her around the world to some of the best facilities tennis has to offer. She's spoken to the leading tennis teachers in the game, including the great Chrissie Evert. "The first time I met her, I swear I wanted to sign up for a tournament," Lim proudly proclaimed. "The fact that she can give back now, she loves it."

While "Academy Life" has been the focus of Lim's attention recently, the French woman has not officially decided to end her playing career. She still trains like a pro athlete, but her attraction to other things has shifted her once singular focus on the sport. "I decided to basically keep a little bit of space for tennis life, and do other things at the same time," Lim stated in reference to her playing status. Saying goodbye to the game you've dedicated your life to is clearly a tough decision, and there's not one specific way to close that chapter. If Lim can still play some competitive events on special occasions while attacking another career head on, more power to her.

What you'll learn in this episode of the Podcast with Kamau Murray is that a rising tide lifts all boats. The more tennis academies there are, the more opportunities for players to search for the one that fits their needs & style the most sufficiently. And as players continue to flock to these academies, the collective level & state of tennis will rise along with it. Alizé Lim may no longer be on the WTA tour, but her career, perhaps even her calling, is just getting started. Season 2 of "Academy Life" is the vehicle that takes you inside the places where the next generation of superstars will be created, and Lim is a more than capable driver.