WATCH: Bencic stood out on a different kind of green in Charleston earlier this spring.


“Best of Three” continues this week as 2019 US Open semifinalist Belinda Bencic joins good friend Daniela Hantuchova at the Indian Wells Golf Course.

At stake in this challenge? Swiss Chocolate, of course!

Though Bencic brought an Olympic Gold medal back to Switzerland last summer, the former world No. 4 has Slovak roots—creating a lasting bond with “Best of Three” host Hantuchova.

“Belinda is one who is always capable of pulling off big upsets,” Hantuchova said of the Swiss Miss in 2021. “She has the game for it. I got to see a lot of her off-season practice in Bratislava, and she was really putting in the hours necessary to play well. I spoke with her a few weeks ago and I felt she’s in the right frame of mind right now; she has that appreciation where she wants to compete, no matter what it takes.”

Can Bencic’s competitive mindset translate to the golf greens? Tune into the Tennis Channel International original and find out.