WATCH: What Prompted Andrey Rublev To Say 'Daniil Is Completely Mess'? | Warm & Fuzzy S2


Grigor Dimitrov and Andrey Rublev were feeling the love during the latest edition of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown ... from the fans, and from each other.

The Bulgarian and the Russian starred at this weekend's UTS Frankfurt series, where they advanced out of the two round-robin groups and played in Sunday's final. But the tennis was secondary to the pair's burgeoning bromance, which first revealed itself this spring at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, and was only further deepened as they traded as many compliments to each other as groundstrokes.

"I like him a lot. I like him in the court and outside the court," Dimitrov said during a mid-match interview, which is one of the hallmarks of the innovative UTS format. "I like you either way, man. He's a great guy."

Not to be out-done, Rublev upped the ante, and used the "l-word" to describe his relationship with Dimitrov.

"I think, if I was a girl, I would be completely in love with Grigor," he said. "Even being a man, I am in love with Grigor."

"I love the way you wear your heart on your sleeve, man," Dimitrov replied. "I think anyone would fall in love with you."

The pair signed off by finalizing their post-match plans.

"We will finish with a romantic dinner today," Rublev said.

"With rose petals and candles," Dimitrov added.


Dimitrov, nicknamed 'G-Unit' in the competition, won the match against Rublev, dubbed 'Rublo', 14-13, 12-17, 11-10, 17-16, for his first title in the format.

“[I was] more lucky today,” Rublev said afterwards. “I was laughing more, but the frustration was still the same.”