WATCH: Medvedev made a winning return to the Miami Open after finishing runner-up in Indian Wells.


MIAMI—Daniil Medvedev has been everywhere around the Miami Open despite playing just one match in the last week. Before receiving a walkover into the fourth round, the former world No. 1 got a front row seat to his latest Lacoste ad as it played through numerous changeovers during his opener against Roberto Carballés Baena.

Medvedev has established himself as a natural entertainer—and charismatic rhetorician—and is happy to take combine his flair for the dramatic in front of the camera for a video game-inspired advertisement for Lacoste’s spring line.

“To be honest, I love this part of the job where you’re doing something with your partners,” he told me after his quick win over Carballés Baena. “When it comes to the sponsors I work with, I know nearly all of the people within the companies, on all levels from the CEO on down. So, when we shoot these ads, it’s a lot of fun. It’s not like I’m there and complaining, ‘Oh my god, another commercial for Lacoste.’ Not at all!”

“The only thing about that commercial was how cold it was outside,” he added with a laugh. “We were in the south of France shooting it in the winter. Still, it was a great experience and I like all of these off-court stuff.

“What I like about my partners is how well they work with my agent and my coach to sort out the best days. It’s not like they’re scheduling me for a day before the Australian Open, and they could probably make me do that, if they wanted! We try to find the best days where it doesn’t disturb my tennis because the most important thing is my game, and then if we can have fun outside the court, that’s perfect.”


For much of the internal handwringing over who will replace the long-running crop of tennis stars, Medvedev is more than enthusiastic to step into the spotlight, employing his own style and creativity for a slew of quirky on-camera collaborations over the last 12 months—from his logo with Lacoste to sipping tea for Tecnifibre.

“There’s definitely a big team working on these commercials and putting them together,” clarified the 2021 US Open champion. “At the same time, I work with them too, and if I don’t like it or want to add something, we make those changes and that’s why it feels natural.

“What usually happens is they give you a general idea of the script but they also tell you to be yourself. I like being myself, so what you see is nothing fake, so that’s why if people like it, that’s great!”

Having regained his inimitable swagger in the wake of winning 20 of his last 21 matches, Medvedev will be back on court in person—and on screen—for his Round of 16 clash with Quentin Halys.