Game, set, match, Bachelor Nation! James Blake and Pam Shriver helped Joey Graziadei find his (doubles) partner in love on this week's episode of "The Bachelor."

Tennis has been front and center in the promotion of Graziadei's season, after the former tennis teaching pro was tabbed to be the next leading man of the reality dating franchise when he finished runner-up on season 20 of "The Bachelorette." But it took until Week 3 for the show to give the sport a plot line, where eight of Graziadei's prospective partners competed in a tennis tournament to impress him with Blake and Shriver watching on.

Graziadei, 28, admitted to "fan-girling" in the presence of the two tennis legends when he introduced them at the start of the themed group date.

"It's awesome that we have two tennis legends with us," Graziadei gushes to the camera in his solo confessional. "James is someone I grew up watching, and Pam is the GOAT [greatest of all-time]. It gets me giddy."


Blake and Shriver things off by giving the women a brief tennis lesson—"Welcome to our favorite playground," Shriver quipped as they began, before feeding tennis balls to players from a hand-loaded Nerf cannon—before they served as commentators alongside host Jesse Palmer for "The Bachelor Open," a doubles tournament with a hilarious twist. The eight contestants were divided into four doubles teams, and each were dressed in costumes that were a "perfect match"— babies, bee and beehive, lobster and butter, and hot dog and bun.

Contestants Evalin Clark and Kelsey Toussant, also known as lobster and butter, were eventually declared the victors, and were treated to one of Shriver's classic one-liners during the trophy ceremony, where the Hall of Famer presented them with a bottle of champagne.

"Lobster and butter tastes better with champagne," she joked


All in all, the group date was a Grand Slam for Graziadei.

"This is probably the best date ever,” he said. “I’m so happy with how everyone fully leaned into it and had a great time. What more could you ask for?”