Husbands and wives often develop unique quirks over years of wedded bliss, but for Andy Murray and Kim Sears, that extends to the former world No. 1's personal grooming habits.

In a hilarious Q&A video published by the ATP on its social media channels on Saturday, Murray was grilled with questions from his fellow players, and Jack Draper's question about Murray's hair revealed a humorous running gag in the Scot's marriage.

“Usually, it’s my wife that cuts my hair," Murray began, replying to Draper's question, 'Andy, I'd like to know who cuts your hair?'

“I hate going to the hairdressers, get no enjoyment out of it at all and I find it a massive hassle. But my wife is often nagging me to go to the hairdressers and I just tell her if she wants me to get it cut, then she can cut it."


Murray, who famously had long, curly locks in his younger days before opting for his current, clean-cut, father-of-four look, said that Kim's side hustle stemmed from his own scheduling frustrations, and he recalled a time where an in-home hairdresser took over an hour to finish the job.

"Basically, I never liked going to the hairdressers. She was always encouraging me to do it and then she said, ‘Well, I’ll get someone to come and cut it at home,’" he said. “It took like an hour and 15 minutes and I was like, ‘This should be max 20 minutes for me, I’m not doing that again.’ So then she just started doing it with the clippers and the scissors.”

But, Murray said, Kim's ingenuity sometimes has come with one small snag.

“She does an OK job but obviously she’s not trained, so sometimes I’ll notice it a few days later that there’s like four or five hairs that are much longer than all of the other ones," he added. "But she does a decent job.”


Murray also pulled back the curtain some of his personal musical tastes, saying that a Colombian pop star has recently taken over his personal playlist.

“Recently I’ve been listening to–not just after losses but I like the song anyway–"Try Everything" from Shakira, I like that song,” he said, responding to Alexander Zverev's question about how he unwinds after tough matches.

"I’m going to add this as well, this is a song that I listen to kind of at all times, winning or losing. It’s by Gerry Cinnamon and it’s called Canter which is another go-to for me.”