WATCH: Osaka launched her own agency earlier this year.


Naomi Osaka celebrated the release of The Way Champs Play” on Tuesday, joining Robin Roberts on Good Morning America to discuss the book.

In anticipation of the drop, the four-time Grand Slam took to Instagram last month to share a sneak peak of her book’s final copy and read it to her dog, Butta.

Now that her book is available for all to read, the 25-year-old reflects on why she wrote it.

“It feels really incredible,” Osaka said. “For me, I just remember being really inspired by books growing up. So, just to hopefully pass that feeling on to the next generation is really cool.”

As the first Asian player to rank world No. 1, Osaka has displayed a high level of drive, and has learned much from tennis in return.

“It definitely has taught me perseverance,” she said. “But I also think it taught me a lot of stubbornness—which may or may not be good— but I think it’s worked out for my favor and just being dedicated.”

She hopes these lessons resonate in her book as she aims to teach children the value of sports.


Roberts goes on to address how Osaka has utilized her platform, particularly surrounding her struggles with mental health.

“I felt like it was necessary, but I kind of felt ashamed in that moment because as an athlete you’re kind of told to be strong and kind of push through everything, but I think it learned that it's better to regroup and address the feelings that you have in that moment, and you can come back stronger.”

In her journey back, Osaka has not only become an author and expanded her business portfolio, but also strives to be a community leader.

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