WATCH: Tennis Channel Live discusses the outlook for Naomi Osaka heading into the Australian Open.


Four-time Grand Slam champion, business mogul and now, musician’s muse? All in a day’s work for the multi-talented Naomi Osaka.

After securing a commanding win in her opening match at the Australian Open, Osaka took to the camera lens to write out a message: “F.A.B.E.V.” with a heart emoji. The shout out was a reference to the name of her boyfriend rapper Cordae’s new album “From a Birds Eye View,” which dropped on 14 January.

Though the 24-year-olds keep their power couple relationship pretty private, Osaka has been one of Cordae’s biggest fans throughout their three-year relationship, and Cordae has been just as supportive as a regular fixture in her players’ box.

Osaka has also frequently featured in the rapper’s songs — for example, ‘Dream in Color’ includes the lyric: “My girl would forfeit a tennis match to meet my grandmama/man, she truly a keeper."


Osaka, a well-known introvert, said that she is not too worried or too shy to find herself the topic of his music or mentioned in his songs, as she gave a look into his songwriting process during a post-match press conference.

“It doesn't cross my mind that often because he always asks permission,” Osaka explained. “But, yeah, I mean, I feel like that's the most amazing part about it. He actually writes his lyrics. He has to take the time to actually experience the things that he does. It's a really fascinating process.”

Osaka recorded a 6-3, 6-3 win over Colombia’s Camila Osorio in the first round, and will be back on court on Wednesday to face American Madison Brengle. Osaka is seeking her third Australian Open title, and a fifth Grand Slam trophy overall.