WATCH: Saville's vlog featured cameos from fellow players like Ellen Perez and Elise Mertens.


Tennis’ Tik Tok Queen took Japan by storm last week as Daria Saville arrived in Tokyo armed with a camera to vlog her Toray Pan Pacific Open campaign.

After bidding adieu to canine companion and comedy partner Tofu, the former Top 20 standout looked to continue a resurgent summer that took her back into the Top 100 after Achilles surgery in 2021.

Once Saville landed, she met up with fellow Aussie Ellen Perez to pick up local snacks and shook off the jet lag to practice with Elise Mertens.


We had to be super quite to hear it 😭 but we could

♬ original sound - Dasha Saville • Tofu Sausage

“They don’t miss in Japan, so they only need two balls!” she remarks of the fun-sized can carrying less than the traditional three tennis balls.

Prophetically passing by a slew of good luck charms, the 28-year-old marvels at the inventory of dog clothes she can pick up for Tofu.

“Only in Japan,” she says.

Her week ultimately comes to a brutal end due to the ACL tear she picks up up mere minutes into her opening round against Naomi Osaka, but Saville promises a quick recovery given her familiarity with the injury.

“I knew straightaway that I’ve done it because I’ve done it before in 2013…It’s very unfortunate, but I’m ok!”

In the meantime keep up with Saville on her prolific Tik Tok as it nears nearly one million followers.