The exceedingly beautiful quarterly periodical Racquet magazine has launched a book club.


Call it the brainchild of resident literati member Andrea Petkovic, also a WTA star, who rhapsodized about Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus in a recent issue.

The first book of her online club will be David Foster Wallace's String Theory, which got 129 votes.

"He was a very good tennis player himself when he was younger," Petkovic told followers. "He explains beautifully in this book why he never made it to be a tennis player. There are five essays in this book and they are all fantastic."

In about a week, the German said she will be begin to discuss the book with everyone. The tennis world is more than eager to jump onboard the reading train.


Petkovic was in the midst of a knee injury that required surgery when the coronavirus brought the world to a halt. With everyone finding themselves with extra alone time these days, there's no time like the present to pick up a good book.

"We are going to tackle this bad boy of a sport book and nonfiction book," she said. "And we are all going to be smarter afterwards, and then we are going to conquer the world. We are nerds and we’re proud of it."