yonex vcore

In terms of playability, the Yonex VCORE sits somewhere between the user-friendliness and ready power of the brand’s EZONE, and the enhanced feel and precision of its VCORE Pro. More specifically, Yonex designs and positions the racquets to be its spin franchise. And while it certainly delivers on that intent, it’s no slouch in pretty much every category. Whether you want to overpower, outwork or outsmart your opponents, there’s a VCORE for the assignment.

Yonex has just announced that early next year the seventh generation of the racquet is set to hit store shelves. The specs of the models in terms of head sizes, weight and balance have not been altered. Several of the technologies from the outgoing iteration have also been carried over to this generation, including the trademark Isometric head shape, Liner Tech, Aero Fins and Vibration Dampening Mesh. Joining them are four principal enhancements:

  • Silicone oil-infused grommets at 6 and 12 o’clock on the racquet face promote less friction between the string and grommet for a more rapid snapback at contact.
  • A thinner beam at the tip of the frame allows the racquet to cut through the air faster for greater swing speed.
  • A slight widening of the racquet head at 2 and 10 o’clock increases the ball contact area to produce a higher launch angle.
  • A new throat design bolsters stability for enhanced control and lessens power loss through a more efficient transfer of energy into the shot.
Yonex VCORE 98

Yonex VCORE 98


While not a new technology, another addition is an “07” graphic on the beam to denote the generation of the racquet. As the name of the frame continues to remain “VCORE” it’s a way to distinguish it from past iterations.

The primary models for the initial release will be the 95, 98 and 100 head sizes. Subsequent entries of varying weights will follow a few months later. For players looking to maximize spin, Yonex recommends complementing the frame with its PolyTour Rev string, which was released in conjunction with the previous VCORE. For this launch, Yonex is also putting out a new string, called PolyTour Drive. As with PolyTour Rev, it has an octagonal shape to better grip to ball for more—you guessed it—spin. However, it’s not quite as stiff to appeal to players of all swing speeds, and at a more affordable price ($9/set).

The new VCORE will be available at retailers starting January 13. Be on the lookout for more in-depth reviews upon its release.