WATCH: Stephens ended the year strong, reaching the quarterfinals in Guadalajara with a win over future WTA Finals champ Caroline Garcia.


Where opportunities abound for those who come from a place of yes, Sloane Stephens believes in the power of setting boundaries.

“I think you always have to do what’s best for you,” the 2017 US Open champion explains in a Behind The Bread guest appearance on LinkedIn News. “My mom will tell you I’m always like, ‘I don’t want to do that, so I’m not doing it. It’s not going to make me happy, I have no interest, so I’m not going to do it.’”

While having a strong vision is important, the former world No. 3 credits a strong team for keeping her grounded through the ups and downs of a tennis career.

“Everyone always has to be on the same page,” she tells host Nina Melendez in between making a Buffalo blue cheese chicken salad sandwich. “I think there’s a lot of miscommunication with professional athletes. Everyone wants a little something out of that person, so it’s really important who you surround yourself with.

“From the coaches, the family members, the boyfriend, everyone has to be on the same page for you to be successful.”


With clear support and defined boundaries, Stephens enjoyed a return to form in 2022, winning her first title in four years and reaching the quarterfinals at Roland Garros.

“I’m very good at moving on,” she says of overcoming disappointment. “I’ll be upset for an hour and then I’m like, ‘That’s it. What am I going to do next?’ The reality of tennis is that no one wins every week of the year, and if you play 20 tournaments, you could lose 20 times. I won one tournament and lost like, 19 other times!”

Check out the full interview as Stephens opens up about mental health, preserving routines, and the key to a sweet salad dressing (spoiler: honey).