martic 2023 AO wide

What is it like to be the flagship player for a brand looking to break into the tennis space? For Petra Martić, it’s an opportunity she’s welcomed with wide open arms.

Now in her second season with J.Lindeberg, a Swedish-based company founded by designer Johan Lindeberg in 1996, the Croatian has maximized getting more hands on with her competition attire to ensure performance comes first. Part of J.Lindeberg’s vision is to “bridge sport and fashion” through its product lines and the addition of Martić last year followed the signings of golfers Nelly Korda and Viktor Hovland among its professional athlete ambassadors.

Baseline spoke with the Australian Open hopeful to learn more about how she’s helping her sponsor see its vision through:

Tell us about your experience about working with J.Lindeberg so far and why this collaboration has been a success in your eyes.

MARTIĆ: I started with J.Lindeberg at the beginning of 2022. I was the first player they partnered with, as they were just starting to expand into tennis. It's been a successful collaboration because it's been a learning experience for us all—for the brand to enter the world of tennis and for me to have a lot more input into the design process, which I've never been able to do before.


On that subject, how much involvement do you have with the direction of your outfits? I imagine this was an important factor in joining forces.

MARTIĆ: That was one of the things that attracted me to JL from the beginning—having a say in what I wear and the design process as a whole. I was able to visit the HQ in Stockholm last November and have a meeting with the design team. We discussed everything from colors and patterns to functionality and fabric. Every sport has its own nuances when it comes to clothing, and it's been very interesting seeing them change and adapt things specifically to tennis based on my feedback. It's very cool to see your ideas and input come to fruition!

In your own words, describe your 2023 Aussie Open navy dress, what stands out to you about this from past looks, details that make it you?

MARTIĆ: I love that it's a little bit of a throwback to the classic, preppy look with the collar and the white cuff trim. I think the silhouette is extremely flattering, feminine and classy. Even though the dress is dark, the fabric is super light and breathable, which is super important for the conditions in Australia.

A look at what Martić will wear in Melbourne this week.

A look at what Martić will wear in Melbourne this week.

Is providing feedback to improve the wearable experience something you can share more freely with a brand like J.Lindeberg? For example, your current location can exceed 40 degrees C when you’re on the court, which presents different conditions to say an indoor tournament in Stuttgart.

MARTIĆ: Absolutely. Actually, one of the pieces they originally showed to me, which was a dress, had a very high neck. It looked beautiful, but from a functionality standpoint just wouldn't work well in these temperatures. They were able to take the feedback and make the changes and I'll be wearing that one later this year.

To an everyday tennis player who is thinking about trying J.Lindeberg for the first time: give us your pitch on why they are the right fit!

MARTIĆ: While being comfortable is the most important thing on court, I think looking good also helps you feel good and be more confident. With J.Lindeberg, you are able to wear cool, modern silhouettes with the comfort and functionality of active wear. I love that JL stands out in the tennis world and brings something fresh and unique to the courts.