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Every author is asked to explain their choice to write about a certain topic, and that holds especially true when biographies are constructed. When it's somebody particular famous, the toughest task is often uncovering stories that haven't been heard or perspectives that haven't appeared in the public spaces.

Simon Cambers has over twenty years of experience covering tennis, and is as well connected and balanced as anyone in covering the many nuances this sport has to offer. His latest project might be his toughest task to date, and that is profiling arguably the game's most prolific, gifted, and influential individual. "The Roger Federer Effect" was released to the masses this week, co-written with Swiss journalist Simon Graf who was there from the very beginning of Federer's tennis journey.

On this week's episode of the Podcast, Cambers discusses what drew him to take on such a complex project, and what he discovered about the Swiss legend along the way. Podcast - Simon Cambers Podcast - Simon Cambers

Cambers has been well established in tennis media for a few decades, but acknowledged that Federer and his team preferred not to authorize any official autobiographies. But they did give their informal blessing, trusting in the credibility that Cambers and Graf had built up over years of hard work.

The final piece paints a complete picture of the sportsman, and features commentary from several prominent coaches, players, & commentators who witnessed Federer's greatness firsthand. The common thread that kept emerging in many of the stories was the composure that he showed in all aspects & facets of his adult life.

But, as Cambers points out, it wasn't always that way and unfortunately it was the tragic loss of former coach Peter Carter in 2002 that sparked a newfound maturity. Federer went from being a rash individual who would lose it on court to what Cambers describes as someone who "harnessed everything that he had into being the best player he could."


Cambers offers tremendous insight into the people that desperately tried to figure out how beat Federer on the tennis court, and the appreciation those individuals & their camps had. Before Novak Djokovic was a 21-time major champion, he was a young player fighting to get to the Swiss Maestro's level.

"Early on in the battles, Novak was struggling to figure out how Roger could play the way he played without seemingly looking like he was trying," Cambers recounted. "And Marijan just(Vajda) calmed his mind I think. He made him realize that he couldn't do what Federer does. So don't even try to think about that, just focus on your game."

The same appreciation for Federer's unique brilliance was held by all members of Rafael Nadal's team, specifically his Uncle Toni who saw it up close many times.

"Toni loved the way Federer hit the ball," the journalist explained. "He liked Federer's aesthetically pleasing game. And he talks about the rivalry with Rafa as for him, being one of the greatest in sports. Not just in tennis."


Profiling Roger Federer is a daunting task, but Simon Cambers and his partner Simon Graf are certainly up for the challenge. They dive into his upbringing, his inner being, & even his faults that Federer has worked so hard to improve on and off the court. It's a revealing book that quite frankly offers you a prospective on one of the all-time great athletes that isn't available anywhere else.

The Podcast with Kamau Murray offers additional insight into the story of the most decorated gentleman in the history of the sport, and will help fill the void Federer's retirement has left for his fans.