The US Open's staple beverage is unlike Wimbledon's Pimm's Cups or the Kentucky Derby's Mint Juleps that have centuries-old origins, it's a relatively new concoction. The refreshing Honey Deuce is celebrating its 15th year at the major event and it will most certainly be around for decades to come.

Back in 2006, US Open sponsor Grey Goose called upon the managing partner for Gramercy Tavern and successful restaurateur Nick Mautone to help create a vodka drink for the event. He was instantly delighted and ready to tackle the challenge. After many failed attempts and testing in his kitchen trying to bring to life a beverage that was both simple and unique, it came to him unexpectedly.


During a trip to Shinnecock Farmers a carton of mini green spheres caught his eye. They turned out to be honeydew melons and it reminded him of a tennis ball and the rest is essentially history.

“I thought. . . those look exactly like iridescent tennis balls," Mautone said in a recent interview with Vogue.

In its debut season, the Grey Goose vodka drink topped with honeydew melon ball skewers smashed records, but according to Mautone it was the following year he realized he created something special. One night, Mautone and his wife invited friends over to watch the Open when one guest couldn't stop talking about the delicious "honeydew beverage," not knowing the creator of it was in the room.


"She had no idea I invented it,” Mautone said. “And that happens every year—every time the U.S. Open comes around, I just keep hearing about the drink.”

Mautone believes the beverage is successful because of its simplicity and of course the honeydew resembling mini tennis balls. It's a visual treat that fans can enjoy while taking in a tennis match and it pairs well with just about any food item. Not only do fans enjoy it, but the players and their families do as well. Sloane Stephens' mom is a Honey Deuce girl and 2014 Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard also loves the drink.

With one more week of the US Open left, it's not too late to indulge yourself in the official drink of the New York major.