Amid the ongoing pandemic, many people are seeking ways to get out while being safe. Tennis isn't the only racquet sport taking off on the recreational level during the COVID-19 era—padel tennis continues to grow as well.

So what is padel? It's often referred to as a cross between tennis and squash with somewhat of a table tennis feel to it. The game has made a footprint in 60 countries and its popularity continues to surge.

One of the latest padel venues is a racquet-lover's dream: "Matcha Club". Opened earlier this year in Dubai, the aesthetically captivating facility holds six dusty-red courts surrounded by stunning greenery. Coaches, group clinics, racquets and more are also offered at the luxury location.


The boutique club is much more than padel courts—it's a place to make connections, enjoy the outdoors and provides a "mindful escape from the hustle." A wellness studio is located at the facility and offers yoga and meditation classes for guests. And, if players are ready to fuel up after a day on the courts, they can now enjoy a laid-back dining experience at "Nette." Designed by chef Shaunne Cordier, the restaurant offers a modern blend between French and Japanese cuisine. Everything from vegan matcha to miso-braised beef French dip sandwiches is available.

With rising interest and participation, it's refreshing to see racquet sports like padel as more than just a game. They are also a way to connect with others, unwind and have a little fun while getting a workout in. The Instagram-worthy Matcha Club represents this growth and it will be interesting to see what lies ahead for this sport in 2022.

Trip to Dubai anyone?