Tis the season to give the tennis fan in your life the perfect gift. All week long we will share what presents should be under your tree.


3. Courtgirl

Next on our list is ideal for anyone who loves the game. Whether they enjoy trying to perfect their down-the-line backhand or just like to watch on the sidelines, Courtgirl is offering up gifts for each and every kind of tennis fan. During the pandemic there was a worldwide surge of people picking up a racquet and this story can seen with the endless tennis styles hitting store shelves for non-sport brands.

Courtgirl recognized this and is giving the fans what they so desperately want—anything and everything with a dash of the game on it.

Our Top Courtgirl Picks:

The Love Box

The limited-edition box is made for the tennis obsessed and has an array of luxury accessories packed inside. The box contains a matchtime towel, water bottle, three lesson journals, a racquet pen and a love card. Not to mention, customers don't have to worry about any wrapping, since it comes in a premium gift bag with gold tissue paper and of course a gift tag decorated with tennis balls.

Every detail is accounted for and it will undoubtedly leave any tennis lover in awe. The box is available for $85.

Doubles Partner Pick-up Line Coasters

This set of eight will leave your doubles partner with a smile on their face or will help land a date with your tennis crush. Either way, customers can't lose when purchasing these hilarious pick-up line coasters.

"Is it hot in here or is it your backhand?" With these cheeky coasters there won't be any issues picking up your next doubles partner. The set of eight is available for $25.


Gameday Tote

The Gameday bag is not only practical for tennis clinics and matches, but it's also great for any outing. The clear tote can be dressed up or down and guarantees to make whoever carries it the most stylish of the group. With two loops, players can store their water bottles, on-court accessories pouch or bag tag and don't forget your racquet!

The bag is priced at $275 and is completely handcrafted using "buttery Italian leather and couture finishes."