The 2020 season was not what anybody had anticipated, but players figured out how to have all kinds of fun nonetheless. Baseline is counting down the Top 10 viral moments of 2020.


When the world was first turned upside-down, tennis players, who normally have nearly every day of the year booked, were initially unsure how to fill their time.

American player Kristie Ahn, though, made a splash by letting her creativity run wild, becoming a tennis pioneer on the video platform TikTok.

Her clips have garnered well over half a million likes, and hilariously covered the topics of on-court coaching:

Scheduling drama:

Stay-at-home activities:

Superstar rivalries:

And much more.

When tennis returned, Ahn didn't have quite the same fortune on the court; in the first round of both the US Open and Roland Garros, she was drawn against Serena Williams, who won in straight sets each time.

No doubt, there will be more of both tennis and TikTok in Ahn's future.