WATCH: Venus Williams was last in action in Montreal, losing to Madison Keys in the first round.


Is tennis elbow holding you back on court? Venus Williams has a plan for that.

In her latest YouTube video, the seven-time Grand Slam singles champion is taking fans through her personal routine for managing one of the sport's most common injuries. Over the course of the video, Williams demonstrates some of the forearm-strengthening exercises she's used over her career to help manage and treat the condition.

What's her secret? Resistance bands. (Or weights that aren't too heavy, she says.)

"We're going to do some very simple things," she says. "This will only take you moments of your life, but it will change your life."

Before breaking the exercises down step by step, and explaining what muscles are targeted in them in detail, Williams also advises fans to talk to a medical professional before beginning any sort of training or treatment plan.

Demonstrating exercises including wrist curls, Williams said she was inspired to make the video as a result of a flurry of requests asking for help managing the condition, or tips on how to prevent it.

In the comments, fans welcomed the future Hall of Famer's input.

"I loved every bit of your down-to-earth explanation. You are like a saint for this," one wrote, while another added that "no one but you have given me any tips for this."

"I learned more about getting pain relief and rehab for my tendinitis in your nine-minute video than I did in three years of PT [physical therapy]," a third fan gushed.


Lateral epicondylitis, better known by its colloquial name of tennis elbow, occurs when the tissue connecting a person's forearm muscles to the elbow becomes irritated, swollen or torn. Golfer's elbow is a related condition that affects the inside of the elbow.

According to the Mayo Clinic, more than 200,000 cases of tennis elbow affect people in the U.S. each year.