It would have been hard to predict a breakout star for a portion of the season in which the tours have been suspended, but the player to step up the most has far and away been Kristie Ahn, who's become a TikTok sensation and now Tennis Channel Live weekly contributor.


Her TC Live debut dove into her wildly popular TikTok videos, such as her gentle jab at Novak Djokovic ...

And her new cleaning/workout double-efficiency routine:

A couple of Ahn's other must-see works include this comment on how it feels to hit your own shin on your serve follow-through ...

And this gag about players' propensity to take tournament towels:

"I'm an introvert so ... this is my Super Bowl," she said of staying busy while self-quarantining. "I can stay inside the house for months without getting too bored."

At the end of her segment, Ahn named five of her favorite all-time great players: Andre Agassi, Serena and Venus Williams, Andy Murray and Kim Clijsters—who happens to be the subject of another one of her TikToks:

It seems any issue or player is fair game for Ahn's viral videos, so her fellow players might want to stay on her good side going forward.

Check out more from Ahn on the latest episode of the Podcast: