Dan Evans was the last man standing at the inaugural edition of the Battle of the Brits and this week he's back for more. He began his campaign in the event's second edition on Tuesday and it got off to a tension-filled start.

This time around the all-British event is swapping individual tournament play for a team setting. Evans is playing for the Union Jacks and on Tuesday he took on British Bulldog's Kyle Edmund.


Evans let out a "Come on!" as he claimed the match, 6-4, 6-4. Replacing handshakes with racquet taps due to the on-going pandemic, Evans stuck his racquet out for Edmund to tap.

But Edmund gave a little him more than just a tap. Evans appeared to be shocked.

"Be very careful, Kyle. Be very careful mate," Evans said to Edmund as he walked towards his team.

TV cameras caught the drama-filled conclusion and the commentators were forced to apologize for some of the unexpected foul language from Evans as he told his team what happened.

"He just teed my racquet," Evans said. "When I put my racquet there, he just absolutely belted my racquet."


Someone off camera suggested that it probably wasn't serious, to which Evans replied, "Well, I think it was."

Edmund and the British Bulldogs's are dominating the Union Jacks as they ended Day 2 leading 18-8.