Giuliana Olmos and Kaitlyn Christian on Wipeout

New episodes of the recently re-booted Wipeout have officially arrived. The show first debuted back in 2008 on ABC, but TBS is now the new home of the hilarious TV show and is hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and professional wrestler John Cena. So you might be wondering why are we talking Wipeout? That's because two WTA players put their athletic capabilities to the ultimate test on the most recent episode, "Now That's What I Call Wipeout!"

That's right, last year's mixed doubles US Open finalist Giuliana Olmos and doubles world No. 65 Kaitlyn Christian made their debut on the game show this week.

Olmos grew up watching the show with family and recalls thinking how easy it looked and that she could do it. So when Christian reached out about the opportunity she didn't hesitate in saying yes, but the doubles No. 19 quickly learned these challenges were anything but a seamless straight-set win.

"Tennis is obviously very physically demanding, but you train for it," Olmos told Baseline. "We did not train and I don't know if there is a way to properly prepare for this course, you kind of just blindly go in.

"I used muscles I've never used in my life for a week and I could not move. It was just really really rough."

Christian on the Wipeout obstacle course

Christian on the Wipeout obstacle course


Before team "Doubles Trouble" began their Wipeout campaign they introduced themselves, and Christian even showed off which tennis grunt she'd be using on the course. Co-host, Byer said "she made the same noise when her ex posted his engagement photos." After the hilarious opener the two got to business in the qualifier round which was a daunting five-part obstacle course.

The duo did their best to avoid getting smacked on the wallop wall, swept away by the spin cycle and hit by rotating pegs. Doubles Trouble didn't get by unscathed, but they were the first team to take the final leap to the finish platform to reach the "gauntlet" stage. From there they soared past five other teams and earned a spot in the final round aka the "Wipeout Zone."

"I don't think humans are meant to be shot out of cannons," Olmos says.

Unfortunately she was launched out of one and into freezing water to kickstart the final round which boiled down to them and team "Uno's Parents." In the end, the WTA players came just short of winning it all and taking home 25k. Finishing the final course at 9 minutes and 30 seconds while team Uno's Parents managed to finish in just under four minutes.

They may not have tasted victory, but their professional tennis player tenacity took them far. Olmos says they won't be going back for the gold.


Christian on the qualifier course

Christian on the qualifier course

"We are definitely not going back. I think going on the show was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I also think one of the dumbest things I've ever done. I don't think it was dumb to go on the show, it's just so much harder than anyone thinks. Being thrown around so many times in one day and being so sore for the amount of time we were actually doing the obstacle course which was about only 15-20 minutes was insane.

"Happy I did it once to say I did it and compare it to what it's like to watch, but I think I'm good."

Olmos also gives her partner in crime a 10/10 on the battlefield and tells Baseline the grueling experience was all worth it and is thrilled she had the chance to take on Wipeout with her best friend.

Team Doubles Trouble are currently competing at the Australian Open, but the two didn't join forces on the doubles court this week. Christian teamed up with Lidziya Marozava and the duo fell in a tough opener to Shelby Rogers and Petra Martic.

Meanwhile, Olmos paired up with Canada's Gabriela Dabrowski and the duo moved past Camila Osorio and Clara Burel in their first round. She also teamed up with Marcelo Arévalo again in the mixed doubles field and they managed to upset No. 1 seeds Desirae Krawczyk and Joe Salisbury in an epic super tiebreaker to advance into the second round. The Mexican and Salvadoran lost to Krawczyk and Salisbury in last year's US Open final.