Welcome to “Talking Tennis with Tracy”: a new show starring Hall of Famer and Tennis Channel analyst, Tracy Austin.

The premise of “Talking Tennis with Tracy” is simple: help broaden and deepen your understanding of tennis—with pinpointed insights on various topics that define the sport's culture. We’ll cover everything from tactics to manners, partners to practices, pick-up games at the park to faraway tournaments.

In each episode, Tracy will address a specific topic, with everything from a story to a lesson to a big picture concept. All of these ideas will draw on Tracy’s vast range of experiences as a two-time US Open singles champion, world No. 1 and veteran TV analyst.

“Talking Tennis with Tracy” is co-hosted by Joel Drucker, a longstanding journalist and lifelong player deeply familiar with all the struggles recreational players go through.

Our first episode finds Tracy at the recently completed Credit One Charleston Open, a prestigious WTA event that marked its 50th anniversary this year. Here’s Tracy with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look, including chats with a few tennis notables—and a life lesson everyone who plays tennis should take to heart: